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August 20, 2014

As part of our new series Monday Muses exploring Divine Demimondaines known for their opulent collection of jewelry and fashion, today we’ll examine the fabulous life of turquoise provocateur Millicent Rogers.

Born in 1902 as an heiress to Standard Oil, Millicent (add that to your list of cheeky Brooklyn-hipster baby names) was known for her exotic fashions and immense turquoise collection. From Schiaparelli-designed Tyrolean outfits to seeped in sable with her Anna Karenina ensembles, Rogers was a fashion force to be reckoned with.

 Once at a ball in the Ritz Hotel, New York, Diana Vreeland once recalled Rogers changing in the middle of the event as a result of having sat on ice cream. The over-the-top heiress even had Charles James (currently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art) design an entire wardrobe for her. Whats your favorite look and who are some of your favorite jewelry muses? Weigh in and our editors will consider your choice for next week’s post!

After retiring in New Mexico Rogers created her own jewelry collection paying homage to turquoise.  For those of you heading Southwest,  you can see all of the pieces she designed at her very own Millicent Rogers Museum which has over a whopping 1,000 pieces of jewelry from her collection which you can check out below.

      Millicent Rogers - Cafe' Society

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Celebrate the last weeks of summer and embrace your inner Millicent with our American West collection.

American West Turquoise Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver 
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