Oscar 2010 – A Diamond Debbie Downer

Now that I’m re-hydrated from my champagne overload and Oscar 2010 has bid his farewell, there are a few lingering thoughts I’d like to get off my chest before we close the book on this awards season.

While many of the fashion gurus this morning threw around words like ‘diamonds galore’ ‘daring’ and ‘out of the box’ in their roundup coverage, I am wondering if we all saw the same telecast?

The jewelry tweeps and I were in full agreement last night as we dished our way through the red carpet coverage that not only was there little to NO jewelry to speak of – the styles we did manage to spot didn’t do anything for us in the ‘wow’ department.

The telecast gave us Demi Moore in perhaps the night’s most beautiful ensemble (minimal bling- of course), and ABC featured Kathy Ireland with the entire Cullinan mine on her chest as she screamed her way through their lackluster coverage, but I didn’t gasp aloud like I did in years past. I didn’t spit-take my bubbly. I didn’t covet. Or croon.

And is it me or did everyone from Amanda Seyfried to Jennifer Lopez and beyond choose silver Armani Prive frocks? Silver is the new gold – I get it – but the look worked last year on Anne Hathaway and Gaga took it to the Grammy Awards this year. Let’s move on, shall we?

Maybe there are just too many awards shows these days. It was hard to top this year’s Golden Globes with all of the Oscar nominees plus red carpet stars like Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore, Marion Cotillard – not to mention all the TV folks we love to gawk at.

In short – I was afraid of a snorefest and – save for the Kathryn Bigelow win and a few diamond divas (Mariska Hargitay, bless your heart) – I got a flatline.

What did you guys think? I fear I am being a ‘glass half empty’ jewelry hound. Where’s that champage again?

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  1. debbie downer (again)

    Dear Jewelry Insider – the first prom I went to I picked out fabric and had a dress tailor-made for me by a professional seamstress. Then I made my date’s bow-tie out of the same fabric. For weeks (months?) my rich fantasy life imbued the upcoming prom with my desperate hope for peace of mind, happiness and a sense of belonging in the universe. We arrived, I took one look at the plastic flowers in dirty vases on the paper tablecloths and I ran to the bathroom and wept. Sorry the 2010 Oscars disappointed you, I know the feeling well…

  2. Anonymous

    Yep, disappointing in the jewel dept. Aren’t they supposed to inspire the rest of us mortals?

  3. mishael

    Hi there jewelry insider – i think an exception to the lack of jewelry on the red carpet were, Kate Winslet’s platinum and yellow diamond pendent necklace, loaned from Tiffany & Co., totaling 19 carats, and complimentary bracelet, as well as Helen Mirren with a 125-carat diamond and platinum necklace, 9-carat diamond earrings, and a platinum and diamond cuff, designed by Chopard, And ofcourse Sandra Bullock with her diamond and platinum bracelets designed by celeb designer Neil Lane.
    I didnt see any comment by u on these.
    Best wishes,
    VMK Diamonds LTD

  4. Jewelry Insider

    Hi Mishael,

    Thanks for your comment…

    You’re right – there were some stunning looks worth highlighting and you picked out two of my favorites as well! In an earlier post on Oscar night, I actually did highlight the very pieces you mention.

  5. kimberly

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  6. edegra

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