Pearl Necklaces: Always a Complement

Pearl Necklaces: Always a Complement

Information, shopping tips and expert advice on pearl necklaces. Learn all there is to know about the origins, the designs and the styles of pearl necklaces, and find the one that will
complement you the most.

Graceful and timeless, pearl necklaces, with their delicate luster and mysterious beauty will always capture the hearts – and the attention – of people around you. Their pearls come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes; they’re found in different parts of the world; they’re formed either by nature or through cultured means, in either fresh or salt water, and the pearl necklaces they form will vary in style as well. You can wear them to a formal gathering or a casual meeting, to an elegant event or a simple get-together. They are suitable to any style you want, and will always upgrade your look.


Natural pearls, cultured, saltwater and freshwater pearls are all considered genuine pearls, and can come in pink, blue, gray, gold and green. The rarest pearls will have rose-like overtones, while the cream colored ones are the most widespread and common. Large pearls, over 8 millimeters in diameter, will be rare to find, and more expensive; and shape wise – a perfect sphere will be hard
to find, so when looking at a pearl necklaces, look to see that the pearls’ shapes match each other.

Pearl necklaces come in different styles and lengths: you can wear a choker made of a single strand of pearls, or a collar of three or more strands of pearls that will snugly surround your throat. You can try a princess style necklace (17-19 inch), a matinee style necklace (20-24 inch) or an opera style
pearl necklace (28-34 inch). Or, as many women prefer, you can wear multiple pearl necklaces of different lengths at the same time. Whichever you choose – pearl necklaces will always give you a stylish look with their beautiful, magical touch.

So whether your looking for a Valentine’s day gift, a present for an occasion taking place in June, of which the pearl is its birthstone, or as a 12th anniversary present – we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when your browse our rich collection.

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