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June 1, 2010

Love The Look: Pearl Pendants

Jewelry.Com Is Your Source For Pearl Jewelry Information And Styles. With Expert Shopping Tips, A Perfect Pearl Buying Guide And Insider Tips Finding the Perfect Pearl Pendant And Pearl Jewelry Has Never Been Easier.

When looking for pearl pendants, either for yourself or as a gift, remember pearls come in many sizes, shapes and colors. From pearls in white, pink or black; freshwater, saltwater or cultured; drop style, cluster style or dangling earrings – each pearl has a unique and individual style, but all are graceful and luxurious

Pearls- are the recommended gift for couples celebrating their third and 30th wedding anniversaries as well as being the June birthstone. If you’re celebrating June birthday – there’s no better gift than a precious pink pearl pendant or a glamorous gold pearl cluster necklace. Looking for something different and affordable, try a glittering gray pearl drop or a stunning black pearl and diamond jewel.

It is interesting to note that pearls are the only gem that grows naturally in a living organism. This makes them a unique creation, and dictates many different criteria for grading a pearl. Pearl jewelry is graded by size, color, shape, luster, surface quality, nacre quality and matching – the latter is especially significant when it comes to pearl pendants.

When you browse around our wide selection of beautiful pearl pendants keep in mind that since each pearl is a unique creation, each pearl pendant is also one of a kind. So when you find the one that was meant for you – don’t hesitate you’re your pearl after all, is as unique as you are!

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