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May 10, 2005

Samuels Jewelers


Samuels Jewelers has been serving jewelry customers since 1891. Their
100-year diamond tradition began in San Francisco, where Albert Samuels first
opened his doors in 1891. Albert Samuels felt having the best jewelry meant
little without exceptional customer service. Once, he discovered a customer had
been inadvertently charged for a routine repair. Because he didn’t know the
customer’s name, he paid to publish his apology in the San Francisco Chronicle.
The letter ended with a plea for the customer to return to Samuels Jewelers and
pick up her dollar. Today, there are Samuels Jewelers across the country
committed to preserving the principles of quality, value, and customer service
excellence established by Albert Samuel over 100 years ago.

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Samuels Jewelers


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