SATC2 Premieres in London with Hair Extensions, Hats and an Homage

It’s baaaaaccck. Staying true to her SATC London premiere look from 2008, Sarah Jessica Parker wowed the Brits with yet another Alexander McQueen frock topped with a stunner of a Philip Treacy, ummm, hat I suppose you would call it. While the look she sported in 2008 fell on the wrong side of ‘ridiculous’ in my opinion, this choice I have to admit is wonderfully whimsical. Perhaps because it’s paired with her diamond-studded arm-band homage to the deceased Alexander McQueen, whose untimely death will surely cause a vacuum of envelope pushing in the fashion world (he is the designer responsible for everything Lady Gaga wears to wow these days). The other leading ladies – probably used to being upstaged at this juncture – didn’t disappoint with a stunning Kristin Davis in vintage Norman Norell from Decades and simple diamond studs: Kim Katrall in vintage Thierry Mugler accessorized with a great Fred Leighton brooch at the waist and that classic Hollywood hair she seems to love of late. And Cynthia Nixon in teal Narciso Rodriguez with gorgeous vintage diamond teardrop earrings that are hidden by those unfortunate hair extensions (ladies, you’re not fooling anyone). So I’m dying to know if you agree with me. Do you love or hate the SJP hat choice? What do you think of the other looks? Again, Kristin Davis does not disappoint, but I have to give this one to the scene stealer. Thoughts?

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  1. in the city, but not sexy Janet

    Where to begin? Love SJP’s tree hat, especially because it must’ve made a short gal feel taller and it reminds me of my favorite homeless person in the East Village who strapped leafy tree branches to his head and got many donations because of it — hey, SJP’s homage to her home town, perhaps? Especially since I hear that NYC is not the star of this second movie. As for the other girls, they all must be EXHAUSTED all the way to the bank, good for them.

  2. Lydia

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  3. Jewelry Insider

    Exhausted all the way to the bank, indeed! Great comment, Janet.

    Staring at the SJP hat instead of the film was probably a better option if you go by the reviews. Yikes! But I’m gonna guilty pleasure my way right on through.

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