Summer Jewelry Trend Alert: Get Cuffed

Forget ‘raindrops and roses’ and ‘whiskers on kittens’, ‘summer’ and ‘jewelry’ are a few of my favorite things – and one of the hottest bauble trends of the season is both affordable and creative: Cuffs! Sarah Jessica Parker can’t get enough of them and designers like Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui and Diane von Furstenburg are using them on their runways like nobody’s business. So how do you wear them? You can go for just one big look like this cool agate cuff from Nordies for only $68! Or better yet, layer them up using a variety of cuff categories – like this Betsey Johnson floral look with this metal stretch piece. And there’s no rule against using a cuff/bangle combo. How cool would this trendy faux turquoise style look with a series of gold clinks to go with? has a great assortment of statement cuff cuties from the hottest (and most trusted) jewelry retailers. Or you can cruise vintage stores, garage sales and grandma’s jewelry box for styles screaming for summertime fun. Getting cuffed never looked this glam. Unless you saw this ‘bachelorette party’ gift on The New York Housewives last week (ahem).

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  1. Janet

    As lovely as cuffs look with bare arms, they also look HOT (temperature hot, in addition to sexy hot), which makes them seem kind of wintery to me… set me straight Jewelry Insider, I trust your wisdom.

  2. Jewelry Insider

    Not that hot, Janet, in my experience. And you’re right – they do look best with bare arms so winter isn’t the ideal season for them (even though you can wear them year-round). Thanks for the comment!

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    I’ve always thought that women wearing this kind of jewelry look so sexy, specially if they know to combine jewelry with their dresses, and one beautiful bag.m10m

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