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Jewelry Trend Alert!: Statement Rings

Fall jewelry trends for 2010 are starting to reveal themselves, and while layered chain necklaces and bangle stacks continue to shine bright, there’s a fun new look that’s sure to stir things up – statement rings.

More than just a pretty cocktail piece, statement finger candy makes an entrance. Think Gaga, not girl-next-door. This fun style on Katerina Graham at the Teen Choice Awards is one shining example.

This 80s throw-back I spotted on Trend Hunter is a two-trend-in-one solution since the decade of Duran Duran continues to influence the taste-makers (Those are little onyx dots! Love!).

The H. Stern Alice in Wonderland rings would be the perfect solution (for those of you with cash to burn).

It’s not so easy being green? Think again, Kermie. Check out these verdant statements from Hafsteinn Juliusson’s “Growing Jewelry” collection.

And flower rings are still blooming bright, like this Juicy Couture ‘Flower Punk’ ring from Nordies on Jewelry.com.

I love a lower-jaw-drop moment that doesn’t necessarily come from carat count.

What do you guys think of the trend? Do you have something in your jewelry box that qualifies? Or is this the perfect excuse to start shopping?

H. Stern’s Alice In Wonderland Rings

More news about Alice In Wonderland jewelry may be a bit ‘tired’ at this juncture – I’ve been tracking it since last year when Tom Binns announced he was bejeweling an Alice line. But I just caught a glimpse of these H. Stern couture cocktail ring creations and had to share them with you.

Of course they are all limited edition and by special order only (i.e. only celebrities and ‘friends of’ will be able to get their hands on them) but I find H. Stern’s interpretation to be the best of the lot (Yup. Even better than Binns, Stella McCartney and Swarovski).

The collection consists of five signature rings – each inspired by the natural world of Wonderland vs. the more literal icons that have shown up in other collections (hearts, tea cups, etc.)

Which one is your favorite? I’ll tell you mine at the end of the post…

(Descriptions from the H. Stern website)

Cheshire Cat: The Chesire Cat ring was reproduced in detail in a small sculpture of gold dipped in blue enamel, and is seen stretched out on a smattering of gold and diamond branches. The golden cat’s smile received a special treatment and, as in the film, glows in the dark.

Topiary Garden: The film shows plants artistically cut out in topiary technique forming a magnificent garden. This scenario led the H.Stern designers to create a bird made of hundreds of golden leaves, soldered one by one and covered by green enamel.

Living Flowers: The roses in Alice’s garden are now sculptured in Noble Gold, and thanks to the finish in enamel, gain a tone of dark purple, which contrasts with delicate buttons sprinkled with diamonds.

Mushroom Forest: The Forest of mushrooms where Alice wanders in the film inspired the creation of this enameled gold ring in colors and textures carefully chosen to represent the natural forms. In order to reproduce the tones used in the film, dozens of colors were tested until the ideal tone for each piece was achieved. The texture of the real toadstools is seen not only on the outside of the ring but also on the inside. Some are covered with diamonds.

Jabberwocky: The intriguing dragon that terrifies Wonderland gave origin to an impressive ring with a gothic look in the style of Tim Burton. The body of the dragon is represented with black gold and diamonds on a double-band ring.

So ok. These aren’t the kind of rings you can wear to the office – but if I had to choose just one, I don’t think I could resist the charms of a glow-in-the-dark Chesire Cat grin amongst those gorgeously intricate tree limbs in that first entry.

How about you? Which one would you like to bring home if you had to choose?

Stella McCartney Designs for Disney

Jewelry and fashion designers are the latest creative types to be tapped by Hollywood to bring buzz to upcoming film releases, and Disney/Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is shaping up to be spring’s big sizzler. So it comes as no surprise that another big name has attached themselves to merchandise jewelry for the movie.

The divine Miss Stella McCartney is the latest talent to head down the rabbit hole, with two Alice-inspired jewelry pieces – a charm necklace and bracelet – each adorned with AIW icons including a rabbit, a Mad Hatter’s hat, a spade, club, heart and diamond. The muted palette is accented with Swarovski crystals and will retail for $425 (necklace) and $395 (bracelet).

Curiouser and curiouser? Though the movie hits theaters on March 10th, you can buy the pieces for your next tea party (no, not THAT kind of tea party) next month at Stella McCartney stores worldwide.

What do you guys think of her contribution? Weigh in!

Tom Binns Gets Real

Jewelry designer, Tom Binns, is having a good run. He’s Michelle Obama’s go-to guy for big statement pieces and he’s been tapped as one of the designers of the upcoming Alice In Wonderland jewelry line to debut when the film opens in the spring.

And while I love to drool over his over-the-top creations (he started his career working for fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood, to give you an idea) there’s the small matter of ‘price’ when it comes to owning a little Binns beauty of your own.

Until now.

I just discovered the Binns ‘Get Real’ jewelry line set to debut in Paris next month is a response to the troubled economic times that cramp a jewelry hound’s style. His solution? Cut out big jewelry from magazines, laminate it, wear it and call ‘er good.

Yup. The tongue-in-cheek ‘Get Real’ collection is made from photographs of rings, necklaces, earrings and watches clipped from glossy magazines that Binns reassembles, laminates and affixes with safety pin closures to add the final touch.

If it seems a little like cheating, think again. I kindof love the idea, and with the Tom Binns name, well, you’ve got a great conversation piece as well as a collectible statement jewel to throw in the mix.

What do you guys think? Would you buy laminated paper jewelry? Would the Tom Binns name a factor in your decision? Would you make your own? Weigh in!

The Jewelry Insider

September 9, 2009

We all know the film industry doesn’t just make money selling overpriced tickets and stale popcorn. For anyone who has ever owned a Princess Leia figurine or Leo Titantic shirt (you know who you are), you’re well aware that Tinseltown is happy to throw movie-related merch our way to fill their coffers (and eventually our Good Will donation boxes).


The good news is: there are some worthy movie-related jewelry lines that are set to debut this fall – some from hip, high-end designers that usually only the chosen few can afford.


First, the no-brainer.Nordstrom is launching a Twilight: New Moon clothing and accessory line in October – one month before the entire tween population bum-rushes a movie theater near them for the movie’s release.


“I love Edward” and “I love Jacob” heart pendants and charm bracelets featuring film-related icons are just some of the silver and gold-plated offerings. Prices will be right in line with the youngster budget.

A not-so-obvious jewelry line comes to us from the mind of hipster designer, Pamela Love, who was tapped to create jewels inspired by the film, Where the Wild Things Are.Known for her goth style (crow heads, claws and bones are just a few of her inspirations), the 27-year-old worked with director, Spike Jonze to create the pieces that will be available soon through hipster clothing outlet, Opening Ceremony.

And finally, a taste of couture. Tom Binns, known for his avant-garde design style and for adorning our First Lady with eye-catching statement necklaces, is working with Disney to create high-end jewelry inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Yup.The same Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Anne Hathaway as the Ice Queen.

The 35-piece line has price points that are considerably less than the normal Binns piece ($100 – $500 available in department stores) with six pieces retailing from $1,000 – $2,000 (sold in luxury boutiques). The Tom Binns for Walt Disney signature line will, like the movie, debut in Spring 2010.

So for jewelry hounds and movie buffs (and I openly put myself in both categories), there is no shortage of suited folks in the studio system who understand our passions. Have any of you ever purchased jewelry inspired by a movie? If not, would you? And which movie? Weigh in!