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The Jewelry Insider

February 9, 2011

Sad news in Hollywood-land today. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz filed for divorce from her rocker hubby, Pete Wentz – a move that was expected according to USMagazine. Sigh.

While divorce involves many new life changes, the million-dollar question often is: What do women do with their wedding and engagement rings when the honeymoon is decidedly over?

While some like to wear their rocks well past their due date (Kate Gosselin, anyone?), I suggest replacing them with a diamond right hand ring you get for yourself!

Right hand rings have traditionally been a ‘self-gift’ or ‘woman-to-woman’ purchase that symbolizes freedom, independence and husband-free margarita-filled Friday nights!

Ashlee will certainly have room in the coffers for something with a lot of zeros, but for the mere mortal maven looking to raise their right hands – sample sale sensation, JewelClub, has a ton of options to choose from.

And if you’re looking to spread the love to someone whose heart needs a little mending this Valentine’s Day, check out their entire Valentine’s Day Sample Sale for a great selection of heart-warming styles.

Their Facebook Page says they are taking 75% off their entire Vday stash today AND they offer up this code for an extra 10% off at check out: VALENTINE2011

How do you mend a broken heart? 85% off is a start.

The Jewelry Insider

March 27, 2009

Bronx Mowgli’s mom, Ashlee Simpson, brought out the bling at the MTV Australia Awards last night. Hubby Pete Wentz was also there as both a nominee and the show’s host, and the happy couple surprised the audience with a raunchy kiss after their onstage appearance.

“Sorry we haven’t seen each other in a while,” Simpson said. “So we’re going to find a quiet place to go fornicate.”

Poppa Simpson, cover your ears.

Ashlee’s red carpet uniform consisted of a basic black dress and a stunning pair of statement diamond earrings in a geometric design. Other red carpet winners included The Hills’ Audrina Partridge, who accessorized her blank stare with diamond drops to die for.

Singer, Duffy, made her own contribution to the little black frock brigade, but could have fared better with a little sparkle to liven things up. And Kylie sister, Dannii Minogue, proved the apple doesn’t fall far with a stunning silver J’Aton Couture dress with bejeweled fingerless gloves and peep toe pumps.

US band The Killers opened the awards show at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, followed by The Fray, Mauboy, Sia, Kaiser Chiefs, and Kings of Leon (via satellite).

And the highlight of the night? A surprise performance by none other than Vanilla Ice. Not the kind of ‘ice’ we jewelry hounds prefer, but I’m sure it was worth the cost of admission.

Word to your mother.