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3 Jewelry Buying Tips For Men

Gentlemen, are you having trouble finding your special someone something she’ll absolutely love (Mother’s Day is right around the corner!)? We’re firm believers that jewelry always makes a great gift. Take a look at our three jewelry buying tips.


1) Ask For Help – If asking for help from one of her friends isn’t necessarily your cup of tea, then we have a better idea. Do some snooping (aka “gift researching”)! This is one time when snooping in her jewelry box is okay. Does she own a lot of rings or more necklaces? Does she like colorful gemstone jewelry or is classic black and white more her style? 

2) Educate Yourself – If you noticed she has a lot of gold jewelry while “gift researching,” learn a little more about gold jewelry so you can make an educated decision when purchasing. Maybe you want to spice up her jewelry box with some white gold or rose gold. Read about the different types of gold in our blog post “Shades of Gold.”

3) Splurge A Little – Splurging a little on jewelry is totally okay (and we encourage it!). Jewelry is something she can wear forever, and there are some great styles that you can buy for under $100. Check out our $99 Jewelry Sale for some pretty pieces all $99 and under.

For more jewelry tips, read our blog post “Jewelry Buying Mistakes Men Make When Buying Jewelry As A Gift.”

The Jewelry Insider

March 21, 2014

Get in touch with your old-school self with some classic black and white (b&w)!

Casablanca, Photo Credit: www.hollywoodmegastore.com

We know it’s spring and this season is about color, but we’ve always been fans of simple b&w. There has never been a time when our trusty black dresses have let us down (thank you!). These two colors are forever chic and timeless.

As for jewelry, pearls and diamonds fall into the b&w category, and we all know that these are necessities (hint hint, mother’s day!). The great thing about b&w jewelry, is that you can pair it with basically anything. Re-create the Audrey Hepburn look with a LBD (little black dress) and a pearl necklace. Throw on some diamonds with a scoop-neck top and shine just like Ingrid Bergman.

Audrey Hepburn in pearls, Photo Credit: www.thesun.co.uk
Ingrid Bergman in diamonds, Photo Credit: www.mt.wiglaf.org

Take a look at our most coveted b&w jewelry pieces.

7.5mm Pearl and 10mm Onyx Strand Necklace
Rock and Redemption 6 3/8 ct Jet Crystal Ring in Sterling Silver
1/5 ct Black and White Diamond Bangle in Sterling Silver
1/4 ct Black and White Diamond Flower Earrings in 14K White Gold

Check out 100 b&w jewelry pieces in our b&w sale!

The Jewelry Insider

August 20, 2009

Jewelry fashion is a fickle beast.Just when you think you can retire your statement necklace (or day-glo bangles, as the case may be), the trend-setters bring them back to catwalk another day.

This fall, there are a few relics from bygone eras that are trending big for the new season, but there are also some tried and true jewelry categories that are holding steady for us too.

Here are my four top fall jewelry trends to watch – at least until we get a look at what Fashion Week has in store this October.

Tell me about it, Stud:

Break out your bedazzlers, studded jewelry and clothing is back! From bracelets and belts to shoes and bags, bejeweled fashion is polka-dotting its way back into our hearts and jewelry boxes. Tori Spelling actually has some cute studded styles in her collection. Who knew?

Black and White (and Green all over):

Black and white jewelry may bring to mind the mod days of the 60s, but its making Fall 2009 fashion shine bright this year.Find black and white with a splash of green, and you’ll get high marks from all the sartorial looky-loos.

Yellow Gold:

Summer’s favorite metal has staying power well beyond poolside BBQ season.Gilded, golden, over-the-top jewelry is a major ‘do’ for trend setting fashionistas and Rachel Zoe followers alike.‘Gaudy’ is no longer a bad word.

80s Glam:

Just when you thought it was safe, shoulder pads, day-glo and leg warmers are showing themselves again – and punk rock 80s jewelry is joining in the renaissance.Think Duran Duran meets The Ramones.

So stay tuned throughout the season for my updates to the fall jewelry fashion evolution. I’m secretly happy to know that even though the economy still blows, there is still whimsy and imagination to be had out there – and jewelry trends we can all participate in no matter our wallet size.