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Jason Biggs and the Proposal that Defied Tradition

I’ve heard of non-traditional engagement rings, but this is a first. Comedy star, Jason Biggs, threw convention out the window when he proposed to his girlfriend last year by presenting her not with a diamond for her ring finger, but with – an earring for her, um, lobe?

“I proposed twice,” he told People.com. “We were in St Martin. I just bought her these earrings and I took one out of her ear and proposed to her with it.”

You have to give the guy credit for spontaneity.

Biggs followed the impromptu proposal with a more formal one a few months later along with the traditional jewelry garb for such a weighty occasion. But a part of me thinks they should have left it at that.

Who says we have to wear an engagement ring to signify our pending nuptials? If you want to go wtih a ring, many folks are going with colored stones instead of icy diamond looks to mix things up. And there are some lovebirds who pledge their love for one another without jewelry altogether (god forbid).

Have any of you been proposed to with anything but a diamond ring? I’d like to hear your stories. Weigh in – and have a great holiday weekend!