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The Jewelry Insider

January 9, 2009

The Critics’ Choice Awards was full of surprises last night. Slum Dog Millionaire stole the show with three big wins, and there was a tie in the Best Actress category between Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. A tie? It seems awards shows can’t let The Meryl be in a movie without handing her a trophy (if she wins a Globe for the dreadful, Mamma Mia, I’m moving to Canada). Perhaps the biggest surprise was a scowling Angelina Jolie who couldn’t hide her disdain during Anne Hathaway’s rambling acceptance speech. Meow!
The jewelry fashion was all about the ears, as many A-listers chose the no necklace look with strapless, classic gowns. Kate Beckinsale can do no wrong in a chocolate frock with dream catcher gemstone earrings; Marisa Tomei’s fan dress was a little much, but her clover-shaped earrings made the ensemble work; and Slumdog Millionaire beauty, Freida Pinto, wore maharajah-shaped earrings with her heavenly white cap-sleeved dress. Do I see a Slumdog earring trend emerging?

I think I am officially over the metallic dress/no jewelry look that both Eva Longoria and Evan Rachel Wood sported. Yet most celebs opted for the less-is-more jewelry statement that the New York Times recently reported we will most likely see on the upcoming Award Show red carpets this year.





While the gawker-dreamer in us wants the stars to go all out with the ice no matter what the DOW is doing, there are upsides to restraint. We mere mortals can find more and more celebrity red carpet jewelry looks for our own jewelry boxes. Jai Ho!

A similar look to Angelina Jolie’s pearl-button earrings can be found on Jewelry.com for over $200 off the original price. She can keep the scowl.

And these Penelope-inspired diamond drops could make any night on the town an award-winning affair.
Viola Davis dazzled in classic pearl-drop earrings, suitable for almost any occasion. Try these on for size for just over $100.

The Jewelry Insider

January 7, 2009

What a difference a day makes. Maybe it’s the Cartier diamonds, but Anne Hathaway did a complete 180 from Monday’s fashion misstep at the Bride Wars premiere with a stunning red carpet walk at the Palm Springs International Film Festival last night. Which is a relief, honestly, because I unleashed a mean can of bad karma on the Rachel Getting Married star for her outfit choice yesterday. Yikes.

Appearing in a form-fitting Balmain black corseted number from the Spring ’09 collection, Hathaway dripped in gala presenter, Cartier’s, diamonds to accept her Palm Springs honor for the Jonathan Demme-helmed film. And her diamond right hand ring is downright drool-worthy. Thank heavens you’re back on track, sister, and just in time for the Golden Globes this Sunday.

Other diamond divas included a flirty Amy Adams in diamond drops and a flower right hand ring, and the ageless Mary Hart in a vintage Cartier ensemble.

I was hoping the A-list wattage, including Clint Eastwood, Sean Penn, and Leonardo DiCaprio, would keep a major fashion blunder from repeating itself on the West Coast, but, alas, Suzanne Somers’ ensemble happened.

A glitter hound can dream.

Click here for a complete list of the night’s honorees, and set your DVRs for the red carpet shenanigans this Sunday for the 66th Annual Golden Globes. I dare the pants suit to make an appearance. I dare it.

The Jewelry Insider

September 4, 2008

Gold glittered and jaws dropped as Anne Hathaway made a stunning red carpet appearance at the Venice Film Festival premiere of Rachel Getting Married last night. Emerging in an Atelier Versace gown, the star put all other attempts at high festival fashion to shame.

Her cascading dress featured waves of green/grey chiffon, with oversized corsages embellishing the full skirt. A flowing train comprised of mille feuille ruffles followed the star as she worked photographers into a lather. The golden tint in the fabric was complemented by a vintage diamond and gold Bulgari necklace, a tourmaline right hand ring and tasteful diamond studs. Perfection, my dear fashion hounds. Perfection.

The film, directed by Academy Award-winner, Johnathan Demme, is a departure for the star, who plays a fresh-out-of-rehab woman attending her sister’s wedding. The early reviews are glowing, and we can’t wait to see a missing-in-action Debra Winger, who plays Anne’s mother in the film.

We’re also happy to report that Hathaway has apparently wasted no time moving on from her troubled businessman boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri. She was seen canoodling with a very attentive, Josh Lucas, at the Democratic National Convention last week, and one source says, “You could almost taste their chemistry!”

Taste is definitely something this A-lister knows a little something about these days. Bravo!