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The Jewelry Insider

June 22, 2010

When your boyfriend brings you diamond jewelry like it’s your morning latte, you know you’ve hitched your wagon to one keeper of a pony.

Unless you’re Anne Hathaway.

The Cinderella story of Miss Anne and her uber-rich boyfriend Raffaello Follieri hit a snag back in 2008 when he was convicted of 14 felony counts of fraud, so the Feds are trying to recoup his losses Bernie Madoff-style by auctioning off anything and everything he owned – including the jewelry he gave to Anne.

Hathaway, who broke up with then-arrested Follieri in June 2008, turned the items over to the FBI that August, including two watches, two rings, two bracelets, two necklaces, two chains, silver earrings, and a Louis Vuitton box. While the jewelry’s total value has not been disclosed, a gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona given to Hathaway retails for about $25,000.

But all’s well that ends well. Follieri is serving a 4/12 year sentence, and A-lister Annie’s only crime is her performance in Valentine’s Day.

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The Jewelry Insider

September 16, 2008

Anne Hathaway’s heart wasn’t the only thing to take a hit by former boyfriend Raffaelo Follieri’s shady business dealings. So did her jewelry box. The Smoking Gun reports the FBI recently recovered some of the bling bestowed upon the A-list actress as collateral while her ex awaits his fate after pleading guilty to wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. Ouch.

Hathaway is not mentioned by name in the court documents, but the record shows that two Rolex watches, two gold rings with ‘clear stones’ (diamonds anyone?), a five-strand pearl necklace, a silver bracelet and more were recovered – costing tens maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In next month’s W Magazine, Anne reveals, “It’s a situation where the rug was pulled out from under me all of a sudden. But just as suddenly, my friends threw another rug back under me.” She then tearfully notes, “I’ve been shown such kindness. Not everyone gets that. A lot of people go through tough times alone.”

The good news is, Hathaway has been spotted canoodling with hunky actor Josh Lucas, lately, and her appearance at this month’s Venice film festival for her new film, Rachel Getting Married, was a glorious success.

It’s no fun to have the FBI involved in washing that man out of your hair, but it saves you the trouble of burning his stuff in a pile on the lawn.