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October 7, 2008

Diamond divas lit up the Emmys. Celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Eva Longoria, Tiny Fey and Brooke Shields rocked the Emmys’ red-carpet with Right-Hand rings and dazzling diamonds.

60th Emmy Awards

Diamonds were the theme of this year’s 60th Emmy Awards, and the stars certainly got the memo.
We were thrilled to see the wattage soar on the red carpet, but even more excited to see the empowering
Right Hand Ring statement on the fingers of celebs from host Heidi Klum to our favorite lawyer, Cynthia Nixon. Now that’s some serious girl power.

Unlike engagement and wedding rings, which are worn on a woman’s left hand and never removed, Right Hand Rings are bought by women to celebrate their individuality and reward themselves “just because.”

Heidi KlumChoosing a Right Hand Ring for yourself or your favorite gal pal is the easy part, but how do you know what finger to wear it on? It’s easy. Look to the stars.

According to the rules of palmistry, whichever finger you choose represents more than you probably realize. Traditionally, palmists say that your potential at birth is revealed in the left hand, while the right hand represents your adult self and shows what you have done with your innate abilities and character traits.

If you veer towards wearing a ring on the Forefinger of your right hand, like actress Sarah Paulsen did on Emmy night, then this indicates that you’re probably confident, ambitious and driven.

If you are the type of person that never gives up, has a strong inner-discipline and likes the finer things in life, then the Middle Finger is likely the one you’ll raise. No surprise that Heidi Klum wore her giant Lorraine Schwartz blackened platinum and diamond stunner on her middle digit, and the multi-talented and always-working Tina Fey followed suit.

Cynthia NixonFinally, there’s no coincidence why so many celebrities wear their Right Hand Rings on the Ring Finger. This finger represents emotional expression and creativity. Brooke Shields, Eva Longoria, Cynthia Nixon, and Kate Walsh all raised their fourth finger in honor of their ‘right brain’ on Emmy night.

So whether you’re a red carpet junkie or a woman who prefers to keep it real, there are Right Hand Rings to suit your personal style. That’s the beauty of it. And Jewelry.com has oodles of gorgeous selections for you to choose from – from icy diamonds to gemstones in every color of the rainbow.

Women of the world, the sky is the limit. Raise your right hand and reach for the stars!

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