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The Jewelry Insider

April 13, 2009

The third season of VH1’s guiltiest reality show pleasure, Rock of Love, ended last night with a diamond ring and a whole lot of cleavage.

Poison front man, Bret Michaels, was hoping the third time was the charm as he narrowed his selection of skanky soul mates down from 20 train wrecks to two lucky contenders: Mindy, the insecure Ohio girl next door, and Taya, the self-promoting Penthouse Pet with perma-pout.

The show for the first time inserted a Bachelor-esque diamond engagement ring segment, where each finalist was escorted into a room where they could choose from a selection of “rockin’” diamonds.

I’m not sure if the look of horror on their faces had to do with the god awful diamond styles they had to choose from or the idea that they actually might have to marry the dude, but the segment felt more uncomfortably forced than a CC DeVille guitar solo.

Nevertheless, Mindy and Taya showed up on the Dominican Republic beach in dresses that would make a drag queen blush to face their bandanna-ed, hair-extension-ed main man.

I admittedly was rooting for Mindy, the girl next door (she’s from my home town – the second Bret Michaels girlfriend to come from the wilds of southern Ohio), but Bret chose to walk off into the sunset with the Penthouse Pet of the year instead. Go figure?

And the diamond engagement ring? Well, Bret said he wants to wait and see where things go first (i.e. they sleep together, he realizes she’s only after the publicity, she becomes a guest judge on next year’s show).

Every Rose Has Its Price.

The Rock of Love reunion special airs on VH1 on April 19th