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Russian Star Elena Lenina Red Carpet Looks

When searching the web these past few weeks for the best Cannes celeb jewelry looks, we came across Elena Lenina (and included a photo of her in our Cannes Film Festival Jewelry post).

She is our new fave to follow – seriously, how can you not love (or hate) her crazy hair, outfits, and jewelry (Russian Lady Gaga maybe…?). Take a look at some of these looks.

Elena Lenina, Photo Credit: fashion.telegraph.co.uk

Elena Lenina, www.planetdonna.it

Elena Lenina, Photo Credit: www.public.fr

Elena Lenina, Photo Credit: home.bt.com

For those of you wondering who Elena Lenina is (don’t worry, we didn’t know either), she is a Russian and French model, TV presenter, and writer. Elena is married to French businessman and aristocrat Pascal-Florent-Eduard. Check out Elena’s wedding hair. Talk about an up-do!

Elena Lenina w/Husband Pascal-Forent-Eduard, Photo Credit: direct-beauty.ru

Which of the above is your favorite Elena Lenina look? We’re going to have to pick the pink dress with the huge ball chain necklace (or whatever it is), just because it’s so overtop that we can’t help but love it.