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Twisted Baseball Necklace Ropes In Players

With the 2010 World Series underway (GO GIANTS!), I had to get an answer to a question many of my guy-friends have asked me this year:

“What’s with those weird rope necklaces?”

I have to admit, while I am thrilled to see the menfolk embrace a jewelry tradition, these things look about as appealing as a twisted chain of sea slugs. And neck ropes? They don’t really conjure up the warm/fuzzies, if you get my drift…

But apparently there is method to the rope-filled madness (and I mean ‘madness’ literally).

Phiten, maker of the official “Phiten rope necklace”explains it this way on MLB.com:

“We have a really unique product. It has the effect to stabilize your electric current inside the body. Every single product has been permeated with what we call the aqua titanium. We have technology to dissolve the metal into the water. That specially treated titanium allows the flow of energy.”

“So many players believe in our technology, and at the same time, some players wear [them] as a fashion statement, some as a lucky charm. It all depends. There is a reason why they’re wearing it — that special water we permeate into the fabric.”

Special water? Electric currents? Aqua titanium? And I thought we women were the only suckers for jewelry marketing. It’s never dull in Mudville.

Baseball players may use twisted logic to rock the Phiten rope, but the Los Angeles Lakers don’t need ANY excuse to sparkle in one of these little beauties… See Jewelry.comtoday for more on what folks are calling the most extravagant championship ring in the history of sports!