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MTV Movie Awards – A Jewelry Fashion Round Up

Yellow gold, blue gemstones and layered bangles were the top three jewelry trends emerging from the MTV Movie Awards last night, as teen idols from a sultry Vanessa Hudgens to a sophisticated Miley Cyrus rocked the red carpet

Teen vampire phenomenon, Twilight, took most of the top honors, with a gawky Kristen Stewart looking like she might vomit every time she took the stage – even dropping her golden popcorn statue when accepting her Best Female Performance award.

Maybe the spotlight is shining too brightly these days? (See Susan Boyle’s recent treatment for ‘exhaustion’ for further reference).

Laughs came fast and hard, with host, Andy Samburg at the helm (his reaction to Miley’s acceptance speech was priceless!).

But perhaps the best moment of the night came in the guise of a floating set of bare butt cheeks. Namely the ones Sasha Baron Cohen planted on a not-so enthused Eminem’s face. A pre-planned gag or a surprise attack? You be the judge.

Thankfully the fashion police didn’t much have their work cut out for them, as the MTV set rocked it out in sequined minis, cowl neck classics and a good amount of bling.
Vanessa Hudgins made her peach Max Azria shine with layered yellow gold pendants and bangles, and stars like Megan Fox and Paris Hilton followed suit with their own gold statements.

Blue gemstone made their way on the likes of Ashley Tisdale, Sandra Bullock and Malin Ackerman, and diamond divas included Stephanie Pratt, Hayden Panettiere and Leighton Meister, with diamond cuffs making a strong showing.

And while I could do without Cameron Diaz’s blue boots, Sandra Bullocks’s black tights and Kristen Stewart’s nervous tics, I’ll leave the freaking out to the Twilight fans. And Eminem.

Check out the Jewelry.com Facebook page for more pics, including an unfortunate necklace look from Heidi Montag’s sis. Why is she famous again?