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Trend Alert: The “Sex And The City 2” Clover Necklace Craze

Sex And The City is responsible for creating huge jewelry trends out of the horse-shoe pendant, flower right hand rings (like the one Samantha got from Smith in the first movie), and of course – the ‘Carrie’ necklace.

With SATC2 a mere 7 days from its debut, there’s already serious buzz about the next must-have bauble from the show:

The clover necklace.

Not to toot my own horn, but I spotted the clover creation back in the fall when the first pics of SJP came out during the shoot (click here for more). So I figured I’d scout around to find affordable clover pendant options for the SATC-loving jewelry hounds out there (including yours truly).

Patricia Field:

If you want to go authentic, SATC stylist and fashion icon – Patricia Field – has a crystal costume version on her website for $72. Not bad.

Or there’s this cheaper, (oops – I mean) more affordable option resulting from her collaboration with Payless – a limited edition piece for $12.99 made out of, well, whatever you can scrounge together for $12.99.


Better yet, my favorite Sample Sale site, JewelClub, has the real deal – a 14kt gold and diamond version – for only $88.86. Just use the code INSIDER when you log in, enter the keyword ‘clover’ and grab one for yourself (looks like there’s only a few left so act fast!)

In the meantime, be on the look out for more SATC2 fashion fall out, including all the Abu Dhabi-inspired looks like harem pants, gemstone colors, yellow gold and statement necklaces akimbo.

And is anyone else glad to see Aiden back in the storyline? You gotta love Mr. Big, but I’ve been harboring my Team Aiden leanings ever since she kicked him to the curb. He makes furniture. He eats chicken out of a bucket. He owns a dog. What’s not to love, Carrie?