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The Jewelry Insider

November 2, 2010

Does it get any more extreme than Kanye West replacing his entire bottom row of teeth with real diamonds? Yes, jewelry hounds. Yes, it does.

A new trend has emerged that has diamond divas putting real platinum gems – on their eyeballs.

(And you thought vajazzling was the final frontier.)

According to Trendhunter, eye surgeons at the Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery have been implanting tiny pieces of jewelry called “JewelEye” under the surfaces of eyes as far back as 2004.

The procedure involves inserting a 3.5 mm (0.13 inch) wide piece of specially developed jewelry (the range includes a glittering half-moon or heart) into the sclera – or the white part of the eye. And here’s the heart-warming video to prove it.

But there is plenty of other ‘eye candy’ available that doesn’t involve the pleasantries of peeper piercing.

Dutch designer Eric Klarenbeek has an eye catching line of bejeweled contact lenses. And I mean ‘eye catching’ literally.

And D-lister divas, Lisa and Brittny Gastineau, have a popular jewelry line with the Hollywood set that features the eye shape throughout.

Or you can eyeball these little ditties for your next night at the asylum…um, I mean…on the town.

So. What do you guys think of the eye candy trend? Edgy or ‘Ay, yay, yay’?