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The Jewelry Insider

November 12, 2009

Diamonds? Rubies? Emeralds? Gold? If you’re Taylor Swift, you don’t need any of those tired old ways to bring on the bling. Nope.

You just need sparkly dresses.

In the always quotable words of ubiquitous stylist Rachel Zoe, that Taylor Swift sure does ‘love herself a sequin’. From Oprah to SNL, the teen sensation is swirling in a such a sequined swath of good fortune even Cher would draw the shades. In fact, I was so convinced she would turn up in a metallic sequined number at the CMAs last night, I didn’t even watch. And of course – I was right.

Maybe I’m just a little bitter. Who wouldn’t want a great career singing navel-gazing songs from your own diary, a post-Kanye adoring public, a Twilight-er for a boyfriend, a surprisingly smooth SNL hosting gig and a closet full of sparkly, sequined minis and black boots?

And sweeping the CMAs away from the likes of (gasp!) Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney and all the other country staples last night? Well, that was the shining cherry on top of the syrupy sweet sequined sundae, now wasn’t it?

With the holiday season drawing near, I can only imagine the sequined wonderland that awaits us. Maybe Santa will give Rudolph the night off and use Swifty to light his way? Or Dick Clark could ditch the glowing ball schtick and just drop Taylor into Times Square?

Just a thought…