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The Jewelry Insider

August 7, 2009

Like millions of Americans, I too watched the riveting finale of So You Think You Can Dance last night. And while you all might think that finding out that underdog, Jeanine Mason, won was the most shocking turn of events for me (I thought Kayla was a shoe-in), well think again.

Did you get a load of Mary Murphy’s crazyass jewelry?

I mean, if the lobster bib diamond necklace wasn’t enough to put you over the edge, her gi-normous diamond earrings, palm-sized flower right hand ring and flowery diamond arm wrap certainly should have.

I swear the woman had more jewelry on than a drag queen convention of Marilyn and Liz wannabes. And NOT in a good way.

I may be the only one who is so ‘over’ the judge-as-personality part of these godforsaken reality shows that get under your skin like a bad case of scabies (nope, I’m not sad that a rambling, nonsensical Paula is leaving AI), but I could certainly go a long while without hearing that crazy woman speak another word to these talented youngsters. Let alone look at her nuttier-than-thou jewelry style.

That said, there is something to be said for being larger than life. I guess I just want the dancing to take on that role instead of a former ballroom dance champion who acts like a nut to get ratings – and accessorizes like one too.

Am I being too harsh here? Does anyone out there like Mary’s wacky jewelry and judging style? Talk me off the ledge here…

And Happy Friday!


My Twitter pal posted this hilarious pic of Mary when she first saw the jewelry calamity on screen. My hat’s off to anyone who is so in shock you just have to take out your camera to capture the moment. Visit her site at: http://www.jewelrywhore.com