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Spring Clean Your Jewelry Box


Jewelry hounds, it’s time to start thinking about the dreaded spring cleaning ritual. And I’m not talking about the dust bunnies under your bed or the windows that are now a dull shade of charcoal.

Nope – I’m talking about your jewelry box. You know, the one with three stray gold chains, four random earrings and that cocktail ring that’s missing a stone?
With spring jewelry trends looking bigger and bolder by the minute, it’s time to get that treasure chest in tip top shape. Put down your iPad, stack up the fashion mags and step away from Facebook for just an hour or two and get this shiny show on the road.

Step One: Gather up all ‘one’ piece earrings. If the earring doesn’t have a partner then place it a Ziploc bag. Keep the bag somewhere safe – after all you never know when the errant partner may turn up, but at least for now all singles are safely stored. For a more stylish way to display all your earrings, cut out a piece of wire mesh and attach to a decorative frame to place your jewels.

SpringCleaning_blog_20150320_a1_ (1)

Step Two: Detangle chains. If a pendant is missing, throw the chain (or set it aside to sell later). Baby powder helps untangle those nasty little knots. To prevent future tangles you can always use a straws.



Step Three: Everything (and I mean everything) deserves a jewelry spa day. Clean, brush and wipe – and I promise you – ‘like new’ is a phrase you’ll say over and over. To keep that silver sparkling place a piece of chalk in your jewelry box.

SpringCleaning_blog_20150320_h_ (1)

If using a commercial jewelry cleaner, use a brand name and follow the instructions on the label. You can also soak your diamond jewelry in a small bowl of warm, soapy water made with any mild liquid detergent. Gently brush the piece with a soft toothbrush while it is in the suds to dislodge any dust or dirt from under the setting. Then, rinse under warm running water. Pat dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

You can also clean your jewels by soaking them in a glass of vodka. Soak your gold jewelry in beer for a radiant shine. Now we’re talking!


Step Four: Do a basic jewelry checklist.

Diamond studs
Pearl drops
Cocktail ring
Gold necklace
Pearl necklace
Chandelier earrings
Diamond pendant

Step Five: Make your own jewelry box

You can do away with the ol’ jewelry box and craft up a more creative and efficient way to store away your jewels like any of the pictures below.  Don’t have the space to stash away those statement bibs and baubles? Try using plastic wrap to keep them in tact.

SpringCleaning_blog_20150320_d1_ (3)

SpringCleaning_blog_20150320_g1_ (1)


The Jewelry Insider

January 29, 2009

While I would certainly love to “Walk Like an Egyptian” again, the bangle craze sweeping the nation this spring isn’t in the guise of an 80s girl band – it’s all in the wrist. If the recent runways are any indication, the ‘in’ way to accessorize this season is to layer big chunky bangles elbow deep and clink your way into sartorial bliss.

“Bangles are making a comeback,” stylist Edward Enninful, who used them at Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s Spring show for Malo, told Style.com. “The clothes were so urban, clean, and refined, we decided to pile bracelets on to give the collection a tribal edge.”

Designers like Christian Lacroix, Zac Posen and Marc Jacobs used the look with their lines, and if you haven’t gawked at Madonna’s bangled appendages for the new Louis Vuitton ads, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that the iconic bangle wearer has brought the trend well into the 21st century.

Bangles have gone in and out of style over the years – from Nancy Cunard, the rebellious Jazz Age heiress, to Madge’s Dress You Up In My Love era in the 80s. But the bangle has been around for thousands of years, originating in India and Pakistan.

Indian tradition dictates that women wear bangles called Chudi to signify their recent marriage. Wearing a single bangle is frowned upon, perhaps because that familiar ‘clinking’ sound is such a part of Indian culture – even Bollywood incorporates the ‘bangle clink’ in many of their movie soundtracks.

Bangles are made from a variety of materials – from affordable plastics to more luxurious precious metals like silver or gold – all good news for us frugalistas who want to stay hip to the trends but not to our falling bank balances.

So whether you want to add a little flair to your “Manic Monday” or clink it up for a night on the town, layered bangles are a trendy, colorful – and most of all – affordable way to make your own jewelry statement for spring.

Clink on, jewelry hounds. Clink on.