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Project Runway Jewelry Thief?

Remember Gordana Gehlhausen from last season’s Project Runway?You know – the surly structural designer with a hunkering for her Yugoslav homeland? Well the rumor mill is buzzing that she stole jewelry designs from celebrity jewelry designer Michaela Kuechenhoff (Micha), according to Radaronline.

Yup.Yet another copycat claim hurled at the Project Runway folk – and this one seems like a doozy.

Apparently, Micha befriended the reality star a year ago, helping her with her runway show during LA Fashion Week.When Gordana was late returning the styles, Micha paid her a visit, noticing her new jewelry line littered with pieces that looked strikingly similar to Micha’s – if not a total rip off.


This isn’t the first time a reality star with a jewelry line has been accused of stealing styles (remember NY Housewife, Kelly Bensimon’s snafu with her former employee last year?). But Gordana is a bona fide designer – she’s not just lending her name to something like most other folks do these days. Ugh.

One day you’re in, and the next? You’re lawyered up.

What do you guys think?