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The Jewelry Insider

December 24, 2010


Since it’s Christmas Eve, I thought I’d take a moment to send out one more subtle ‘hint’ to Santa, since I’ve been nothing but nice this year.


See? Coal is cool this year, Mr. Kringle.

Merchandisers and marketers used to have to work hard to make black diamond jewelry appealing to folks outside of tattoo parlors and vampire support groups. But this year? The stone finally crossed over, and it’s never going back.

Celebrity designer, Stephen Webster, now litters his lines with the look. It was the best part of Sex And The City II. And many celebs – from Katy Perry to Christina Aguilera – are sporting them on the red carpet.

And the best part? Black diamonds are surprisingly affordable compared to white ice.

Here are a few of my favorite black diamond looks right now – all of them ready for their Christmas close up. Or how about a great New Year’s surprise?

So here’s hoping we all find big things in little boxes under the tree this year. And fellas? The New York Times reports that jewelry is the ‘go to’ purchase for all you last-minute shopper types (aka: all men).


Merry Christmas, Jewelry Hounds!

The Jewelry Insider

February 6, 2009

Celebrity jeweler, Stephen Webster, debuted his new line of jewels yesterday in Beverly Hills, and Christina Aguilera decided there ‘ain’t no other man’ she’d rather peddle for.

“Stephen’s designs are little art sculptures, a perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern sexiness,” says Webster’s ice queen, Aguilera.

His pieces have attracted a blue-chip portfolio of other celebs like Cameron Diaz, Johnny Depp, Sir Elton John, Jay Z, Ozzy Osbourne, Nicholas Cage, Michael Stipe, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Pink and the doyenne of diamond divas, Elizabeth Taylor.

“My clients like to wear things that provoke questions,” says the British-born Webster. “They aren’t wallflowers, they’re entertainers – they want to make a statement.”

With talons, daggers, bullets and thorn motifs, Webster’s jewelry has a rebellious yet refined attitude – and as the new Creative Director for London’s crown jeweler, Garrard, his rock and roll sensibilities are the perfect way to bring a modern touch to an otherwise stuffy brand.

It’s time The Queen got a chunky goth cross to add to her modest collection, no?

Webster’s new Garrard lines include: a new women’s collection in a fiery combination of red, black, and white gemstones; a bold men’s range, inspired by the British sportsman, in a mix of black, green, brown and gold; and the recently announced Georgina Chapman for Garrard collection, due to be launched next autumn.

In the meantime, look out for a glittering Garrard ad campaign starring our favorite Genie in a Bottle in the April editions of your favorite fashion mags.