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The Jewelry Insider

March 24, 2009

If you are in the market for a piece of pop music history, Michael Jackson is having a glorified garage sale of the entire contents of his Neverland Ranch next month, and the loot includes everything from his famous arcade game collection to the actual front gates (Macaulay Caulkin not included).

Julien’s Auctions has been workin’ workin’ day and night to sift through thousands of items from the storied property and found so much MJ memorabilia they had to schedule eight different auctions over the course of four days.

So what’s on the auction block? There’s a jeweled glove collection – including the iconic white glove worn when Jackson moonwalked his way into pop music history. There’s a closet full of those sequined military jackets from the Victory Tour era (sorry, the Beat It Jacket is not among them). And there’s also a disturbing number of lawn sculptures featuring young children.

Oh, Michael.

Over 2,000 items are up for grabs, and the auctioneers hope to bring in as much as $20 million for Jackson, with a portion of the proceeds going to the music industry charity, Musicares.

Lot highlights, including the glove collection and a pair of moonwalk socks, are currently touring major cities worldwide. The main event begins on Wednesday, April 22nd and runs through Saturday April 25th in Beverly Hills.

What would you do if you had a few grand to put in the mix? Would you loosen your purse strings for the moonwalk socks? Or do you think the whole thing is totally ‘off the wall’?

Weigh in!

The Jewelry Insider

October 10, 2008

With the stock market falling like Wiley Coyote off a cliff, it’s probably best to plug your ears to any more bad news, right? And what better way than to do it with a little bling for your favorite accessory (aside from jewelry, of course) – the ipod.

Yep, you read it right. You can now bedazzle your ipod earphones with a variety of sparkly solutions. London-based company, DEOS, came out with a line of snap-on earphone covers that makes going to the gym or toodling about town a red carpet affair.

If you are an investment bank CEO, or are related to one, try your hand at the white diamond encrusted model for a mere $60,000. Or dial it down a notch with the black and white diamond option for only $4,500. If you’re looking for a bling-fest without taking a hit out on your wallet, Swarovski crystals cover a more affordable version, with prices ranging from $110 – $200. Now that’s a bargain even FDR would be proud of.

So whether you’re still living in the Gilded Age or are yearning for a New Deal, put a little bling in your ears to drown out the gloom and doom!