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The Jewelry Insider

December 29, 2008

New Year’s Eve is around the corner, and it’s time to hone in on the jewelry look that’s going to take your fabulous self into the early hours of 2009. It’s a big decision, I know. And while you can certainly never go wrong with diamonds, of course, there is another trend emerging in the fashion world that is worth a jewelry hound’s attention these days. In a word: purple.

Purples in every incarnation – from fuchsia to lavender, violet to plum – lit up the runways this season, and the hue is sure to have staying power well into spring. There is a reason President Elect Obama calls it his favorite stripe on the rainbow.

Purple is a powerful color that has long been associated with royalty and nobility. Color psychologists deem purple the color of good judgment and spiritual fulfillment and claim it also fosters peace of mind.

Will it also foster a rise in my 401k balance? Just asking…

So what jewelry is best to bring out your inner purple princess?

Amethysts are gorgeous gemstones that come in a variety of purple pigments. They have long been a favorite gem of kings and queens – and as an added bonus? They’ve been used throughout history to guard against drunkenness and mental disorders.

Pass the bubbly!

But if your intention is to get a little tipsy on December 31st, perhaps a tanzanite ensemble will add sparkle while you say goodbye to your sobriety.

Although tanzanite is a relative newcomer to the gemstone market, it has made its mark on the jewelry world in a hurry. This rare, exotic gem was first discovered by Portuguese prospector Manuel d’Souza in the Merelani Hills of Tanzania in 1967 in the shadow of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. The gem comes in a variety of purple shades, but most fall in the light purple or lavender color category.

And if these gemstones don’t work for you, there are purple sapphires and purple topaz jewelry styles to make the likes of Prince and the runway rats proud. So get in touch with your purple passion, dazzle hounds, and add the royal color to your jewelry box for 2009.

The Jewelry Insider

June 11, 2008

Sparkly sandals are definite must-have for summer 2008, but these gemstone jewels by Stuart Weitzman are probably not going to find themselves in too many wardrobes. With a price tag of $2 million, it’s going to take a lot of saving for this shoe splurge. Suddenly the Jimmy Choos seem quite affordable.
The shoes, a collaboration between Stuart Weitzman and jewelry brand Le Vian were unveiled during the recent JCK Vegas show. The star of the sandals is a 16 carat pear-shaped tanzanite stone, surrounded by diamonds dangling over the front of the shoe, with a diamond front strap providing some foot support. Altogether the pair features some 28 carats worth of diamonds, with a whopping 185 carats of tanzanite.