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Howard Stern Crowns Best Mistress with Black Diamond

I fear a new jewelry category was discovered today – and not in a good way.

Shock Jock, Howard Stern, hosted the highly anticipated‘Best Mistress’ pageant where three of Tiger Woods’ many conquests competed for a $75,000 cash prize and a coveted black diamond ‘Mistress Ring’.

It’s never dull, folks.

The Mistress Ring is actually pretty awesome – featuring a 3.5-carat round black diamond surrounded by a half-carat of white diamonds – designed by Philadelphia’s Steven Singer Jewelers.The value remains undisclosed but the novelty of the endeavor? Priceless.

The pageant took place earlier today and was so popular the Howard Stern website crashed due to increased volume.But never fear! The ladies’ 15 minutes of fame was duly extended.

Contestants included Jaimee Grubbs (mistress #2 for those of you keeping count), cocktail waitress Jamie Jungers (mistress #4) and call girl Loredana Jolie Ferriolo (mistress #10).

And the winner? Jaimee Jungers was crowned Miss Mistress after receiving votes from three of the four judges – Gary, AshleyMadison.com (the site that caters to married people looking for affairs), CEO Noel Biederman and Howard.


What do you guys think of the new jewelry category? Are entitled sports heroes and corrupt politicians now held to a higher standard by their one-night-stands? Are black diamonds the new black sheep of the jewelry world? Say it ain’t so!

The Jewelry Insider

December 15, 2009

It was only a matter of time, but the first sighting of Tiger Woods’ wife, Elin, hit the media universe and (surprise!), she was spotted without her wedding band and diamond engagement ring.

Many women have dealt with this very same dreaded diamond dilemma – when do you take off the rings when the marriage goes south?

Kate Gosselin wore hers way beyond her husband’s bad behavior made big news to send a symbol of strength to her kids. Some women toss theirs in a drawer at the first sign of trouble.

In Elin’s case?Well, she’s got more than her fair share of ‘trouble’ to deal with – but rumor has it she hasn’t thrown in the towel quite yet.

What would you do (or have you done) with your diamonds when it’s time to move on? Do you sell the rocks? Turn them into a different piece of jewelry? Toss the suckers? Weigh in!

The Jewelry Insider

December 1, 2009

Jewelry has always been a ‘go to’ option for guys who find themselves in the proverbial doghouse.Poker night run late? How about a pair of diamond studs. Forget her birthday? Better make a beeline for some bling.

And whether or not you agree with the tactic (I for one think it’s a meager attempt to buy our love – depending on the carat count, of course), the measure has indeed proved successful over the years.

Let’s revisit the Kobe Bryant incident for a moment, shall we?

Remember when the married basketball star was acquitted of raping a woman who was NOT his betrothed back in the day? Enter a $4 million purple diamond ring for wife, Vanessa, after the dust settled. Talk about setting the bar…

The latest sports figure to bark at the moon is the notoriously private golf phenom, Tiger Woods.We’ve all heard the affair rumors, and TMZ is reporting that Woods told an unnamed source ‘he needed to give his wife a ‘Kobe Special’ or make a trip to Zales to get a ‘house on a finger’ in order to make things right.

Judging from his wife’s golf swing, he might want to buy the whole store…