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The Jewelry Insider

June 11, 2009

Summer is right around the corner, jewelry hounds, so it’s time to start thinking about the tanning ritual. Whether it’s the beach, the lake, the pool or a folding chair in your front lawn, looking fabulous while you fry is always a must.

Now that you’ve Tracey Anderson-ed your way into a more worthy bikini bod, all that’s left is a little protection for your peepers. While we’ve all gone through our fair share of drugstore-bought options that you inevitably sit on or lose within a week, why waste your time this year when you have these supercool shades at your fingertips.

The Porsche P’8499 golden sunglasses are made from 18 carat gold with platinum accents, and the lenses themselves are mirrored with no less than 24 karat gold. The pricetag? A mere $6700 smackers.

Now that’s some serious UV protection.

Only a limited number are available – 911 to be exact – in honor of the Porsche 911 sports car we all need in our driveways. If you’re still trying to live out your Risky Business fantasies (you know who you are) , this is certainly one way to do it.

So set the summer season on fire with a quick little trip to a Porsche Design Store near you – before Kanye West wipes out their entire stash.

The Jewelry Insider

August 14, 2008

While the diamonds glittered, protestors put a damper on the red carpet parade show at Ben Stiller’s ‘Tropic Thunder’ premiere in LA this week. The satire apparently pokes a little too much fun at folks with disabilities and reps for the Special Olympics and the American Association of People with Disabilities aren’t having it. This, of course, didn’t stop Hollywood’s A list from showing up in droves.

Tom Cruise, who has a cameo in the film as a bald, fat movie financier, brought fashion darling Katie –and they didn’t disappoint. Diamond triangle earrings and multiple diamond rings tastefully complemented Mrs. C’s halter dress and Jimmy Choos. Actress, Christine Taylor, supported her director husband, Ben, by looking lovely in a black sleeveless number and statement drop earrings. And our favorite look was the classic Amy Adams, who dazzled in a dusty gold cocktail dress with gold flower earrings to match. Bravo.

Back to the controversy? The movie is getting solid reviews, and the filmmakers have refused to make concessions claiming, “Some people have taken this as making fun of handicapped people, but we’re really trying to make fun of the actors who use this material as fodder for acclaim.” My two cents? I’m going to see Tom in a fat suit.