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Bejeweled Sports Bra Breaks Price Record


Jewelry hounds, over the years I’ve promised to bring you bizarre jewelry tidbits from around the globe – from luxury dog beds and bejeweled Barbie Dolls to gemstone gadgets and a solid gold Kate Moss. But of all the strange places to find our favorite treasure, I never thought jewelry and sweat would make interesting bed fellows.

Luxist reports that the most expensive sports bra is now on the market – an $1850 creation that includes a Swarovski crystal neckline and a detachable sterling silver charm bracelet and necklace.

What’s next? Jewel-encrusted jock straps?

Maybe I’m being too harsh? The Trenta Bra from BodyRock Sport’s “Show ‘Em Off” collection could be the perfect way to break the ice with those oh-so-serious Soul Cyclers. My guess is? Your yoga class will want to make your next ‘corpse pose’ a reality.

Look, if you like silver jewelry – great! More power to you. But I don’t see the reason behind adding it to something that’s designed to keep the jiggle, jangle to a minimum in the first place. Am I right?

What do you guys think? Is the Trenta Bra a fun fashion statement or a frivolous publicity stunt?