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The Jewelry Insider

February 9, 2011

Sad news in Hollywood-land today. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz filed for divorce from her rocker hubby, Pete Wentz – a move that was expected according to USMagazine. Sigh.

While divorce involves many new life changes, the million-dollar question often is: What do women do with their wedding and engagement rings when the honeymoon is decidedly over?

While some like to wear their rocks well past their due date (Kate Gosselin, anyone?), I suggest replacing them with a diamond right hand ring you get for yourself!

Right hand rings have traditionally been a ‘self-gift’ or ‘woman-to-woman’ purchase that symbolizes freedom, independence and husband-free margarita-filled Friday nights!

Ashlee will certainly have room in the coffers for something with a lot of zeros, but for the mere mortal maven looking to raise their right hands – sample sale sensation, JewelClub, has a ton of options to choose from.

And if you’re looking to spread the love to someone whose heart needs a little mending this Valentine’s Day, check out their entire Valentine’s Day Sample Sale for a great selection of heart-warming styles.

Their Facebook Page says they are taking 75% off their entire Vday stash today AND they offer up this code for an extra 10% off at check out: VALENTINE2011

How do you mend a broken heart? 85% off is a start.

The Jewelry Insider

February 2, 2011

Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us faster than a Charlie Sheen relapse, jewelry hounds, and the holiday of love has me thinking: Why is it that only couples get to celebrate Valentine’s Day? And more importantly? Why is it that only women who are in a RELATIONSHIP get the jewelry spoils from this bling-filled occasion?

It’s high time single ladies get in on the Valentine’s Day action too. Starting now.

Besties like Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, for example, should get each other diamond heart pendants this year – or Eva Longoria should splurge on a diamond right hand ring to celebrate the fact that she no longer has to put up with basketball highlights and boring conversation!

1/2ct Diamond Heart Pendant, $199.93

Mothers can give to daughters, daughters can give to mothers…

Mother & Child Diamond Pendant, $74.19

Or maybe your favorite teacher, bartender, or (in Charlie Sheen’s case) lawyer deserves a little love this Valentine’s Day?

3/8 ct Diamond Flower Right Hand Ring $234.01

You get the idea, right? I’m just saying that the ‘romantically involved’ shouldn’t have a monopoly on a holiday that celebrates meaningful relationships. And (more importantly) diamonds. Thoughts? P.S. JewelClub is having a Valentine’s Day Sample Sale this week, and the merch is selling faster than (fill in the blank….) at a Charlie Sheen house party (click here for more). Get while the gettin’s good!

The Jewelry Insider

January 24, 2011

Valentine’s Day is to jewelry what the Oscars are to Awards Shows. There’s Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries and the like, but we women hold out our highest hopes for the “gift in a little box” on this day most of all, right?

C’mon! Admit it!

But our friend the ‘male’ tends to, well, procrastinate when it comes to getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit, if memory serves. So here’s a little hint, fellas, to keep you out of the last minute “flowers and candy” gift-giving rut.

It’s called JEWELRY. And it doesn’t get any easier than this:

1. JewelClub is having a pink and red gemstone sale to honor the holiday of LOVE – and there quite a few pieces under $100. We’re talking FINE JEWELRY here, folks. Diamonds, gold, sapphires, etc.

Here are a few of my favs (click on the image for more info) or click here to see their entire stash:

2. I also saw these awesome ‘personalize your own” candy heart necklaces today on Luxist that are selling for under $50 from Zedena Designs. They’re made out of enamel over copper and hang from a sterling silver chain.

3. And if you want to go the ‘bended knee’ route, there are SO many affordable engagement ring options out there today. Click here for my Guide to Affordable Engagement Rings for more creative ideas in that department.

So let’s make Valentine’s Day 2011 the year we forgo flowers for fine gems! Chuck the chocolates for carats! And procastinators? Stay tuned for more affordable jewelry tips in the days to come.

Valentine’s Day Deals on JewelClub

Let the Valentine’s Day jewelry blitz begin! I’ll be highlighting deals you won’t want to miss (or tell your sig. other about) leading up to V-Day to help gift givers get hip to some serious fine jewelry steals.

My favortie sample sale site, JewelClub, just launched their latest promotion: 15% off a dozen of their most classic diamond styles. That’s 15% off WHOLESALE, jewelry hounds.

The studs pictured here are $50 bucks, folks. The earrings about $70. And I’m loving those vintage-y right hand ring styles – most are pricing out at $1,000 or more off the retail price.

(insert ‘lower jaw drop’ here)

How do you play? Easy. Click here to get to the discount ad. Enter the code: INSIDER when you login, and you’ll get access to an entire Friends and Family site that has great wholesale product in all fine jewelry categories. And they add new product all the time, so be sure to check back often.

So, fellas? Flowers and chocolates are fine and all, but why spend the bucks on a perishable when you can get a V-day gift that will last forever? And there’s free shipping with every order.

So that happened.

The Jewelry Insider

February 20, 2009

Last week, the New York Times featured a surprising editorial from a former jewelry store owner, Clancy Martin, who confessed he wasn’t a huge fan of many of his customers. He particularly dreaded the Valentine’s Day holiday, when last minute shoppers would grab any old bauble, throw it in a box and hand it over like it was anything but a special occasion.

“What upset me more was the ordinariness of the choices. You can give a pair of gold earrings to anyone. But Valentine’s Day is the one day when a present ought to express adoration. Valentine’s Day is for special gifts of intimacy.”

Now before you start to complain that times are tough and folks can’t afford more than a simple pair of gold earrings these days, Martin’s point isn’t that you should spend tons of cash on an expensive diamond or gemstone piece – it’s that the jewelry gift should have meaning.

Buy a pair of gemstone earring to match the color of her eyes, he suggests. Putting thought into jewelry gift giving is, as he wisely points out,

“…the opposite of conspicuous consumption, because it has nothing to do with showing off for others.”

I know I’m always pushing jewelry on every poor bloke who comes within earshot when it comes to gift giving, but I don’t mean that you should grab your nearest pearl strand and call it a day. There is a time and a place for baubles that don’t mean much. But more often than not, putting thought into the jewelry purchase couldn’t mean more. Especially on a day like Valentine’s Day.

Click here for a full read of the New York Times editorial piece, and weigh in with your thoughts about the matter.

Does the guy have a heart, or is he just pushing more product?

The Jewelry Insider

February 14, 2009

Jewelry.com (aka: my Sugar Momma) relaunched this week with a brand new look and a treasure chest full of thousands more glittering jewelry styles for your browsing pleasure. While I, of course, love to peruse their celebrity and fashion news, I’ve gotta say Jewelry.com’s brand new search function is what I love the most.

Jewelry hounds (and the people who buy for us) now have complete control over the shopping experience with J.com’s brand new search system. Your girlfriend likes frogs? Type in ‘frog’. You only want to spend $150? Narrow the search by clicking on a price range. She doesn’t like yellow gold? Narrow it further by specifying a metal color. See? Prince Charming to the rescue.

Or how about a pink cocktail ring to go with your little black dress? Type in ‘pink’, narrow the search to rings, and voila! It’s like Facebook – once you start browsing the hours go by like nanoseconds.

I found a few cool deals I thought I’d share with you to get you started:

We all know purple is the color of choice these days. How cute is this amethyst flower ring from JCPenney? And it’s only $69.99. Click on my amethyst ring search here to find that and 32 other sparkly ring styles in that price range.

Of course you can’t get through February without a hunkering for a diamond heart, right? Jewelry.com features hundreds of heart styles – I think this black and white diamond version from JCPenney is totally chic. Check out these heart-stopping looks.

And finally, you gotta love this little Hello Kitty! V-day pendant from Zales. You’ll love this even more, though. If you become a Jewelry.com member (it’s free) you can click on the ‘Member Savings’ link and a list of coupons and discounts magically appears (like free shipping, 10% off offers, etc.). So Jewelry.com does all the coupon clipping for you – guaranteeing you the lowest price you can possibly get for the bauble. Bingo!
So get to browsing baublers! And if you have issues, comments, concerns – throw them my way. I know people.

Happy Early V-Day J-hounds!


The Jewelry Insider

February 9, 2009

Move over Fashion Week, there’s a new kid in town! JCPenney is celebrating Doghouse Prevention Week from February 6th – 13th, and the event is sure to bring us jewelry hounds more pleasure than gawking at stick-thin models in clothes we’ll never wear.

Why? Because this Valentine’s Day JCPenney is dedicated to schooling the male species in the delicate art of gift giving. And by ‘gift’ they don’t mean your run-of-the-mill Valentine’s Day loot. They’re talking diamonds, people. This cupid ain’t stupid!

Let’s face it. We’ve all had our V-day disappointments. How many times have we faked a smile when the same old box of chocolates surfaces or the proverbial red rose bouquet shows up at the office? It just doesn’t take a lot of thought for fellas to go down that well-trodden road, right?

But here’s a thought: What if you could throw your man in the gift-giving doghouse for even thinking about calling the florist?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the over 7,000 guys who were thrown in JCPenney’s Doghouse over the holidays. Learn from them by visiting www.bewareofthedoghouse.com, where you and your main squeeze can watch a hilarious (and informative) video about other men’s gift-giving failures.

But most importantly, he’ll see how he too can avoid The Doghouse by getting you the perfect diamond gift from the jewelry store inside JCPenney. And they have an amazing selection, ladies, so whether it’s a pair of tasteful diamond studs or a fun fashion piece, you can rest assured he’ll find something to make your heart sing (not sink) this year.

So from February 6th – 13th take this gem of an opportunity to teach your old dog some new tricks for Valentine’s Day. It comes down to this: Diamonds or a dog day afternoon in the big house. Sounds pretty straightforward to me.

The Jewelry Insider

January 22, 2009

Jewelry.com posted a great article written by a frustrated fella who vents about his fears when buying jewelry. Sounds like he knows a thing or two as well. Enjoy guys…and get those Valentine’s Day plans in gear!

A Guy Tells it Like it is

What really strikes fear into men’s hearts is trying to buy a gift for a spouse or a girlfriend. What does she like? What does she need? What’s her size? Will this gift really knock her out?

Left to our own devices, we men too often come home with “safe” gifts – flowers, chocolates, fashion, items for the house – that require little or no knowledge of what she really desires.

#1: Not asking for help
It’s no secret that we hate asking for directions. Most men would rather drive around in circles for hours rather than stop and ask someone how to get somewhere. It’s hard to tell if this is some biological imperative imprinted into our genes, or a behavioral thing impressed upon us almost from the time of birth. Maybe a combination of both. But the fact remains that, if you’re a guy, you’re supposed to be in charge: a leader, a navigator, an expert at map reading, with an innate sense of direction. Woe to the traitor that breaks this code.

Well let’s face it… This “predisposition” can be very dangerous when trying to buy a jewelry gift for a girlfriend, daughter or wife. It is necessary to seek help in these cases. The first thing you need to do is help yourself by doing some research… Pay attention to the jewelry she wears now. Pay attention to the clothes she wears most often, and make sure you pick jewelry that matches and complements them. Finally, go snooping in her jewelry box, and look at what’s in there that she has but doesn’t wear. Look for items that are missing a piece – does she have a ring and necklace in a particular gemstone, but no earrings to match?

#2: Not educating yourself
Buying a gift for a loved one can be a daunting experience. And buying jewelry as a gift is even scary at times. Jewelry is probably the most intimidating gift a man could purchase. Many of us don’t know the first thing about the “4Cs,” much less all the different stones and types of metal available. And we definitely cringe at the thought of facing a salesperson without being prepared.

So, before hitting the store to come home completely discouraged, do your homework in our “Education” section. Learn as much as you can about jewelry – metals, precious, semi-precious or lab-created gems, pearls, prices, retailers in your area, etc. Information on jewelry will make walking into a store a comfortable experience. And the results will be rewarding; your purchases will be intelligent and very personal. It will be easy to dazzle a loved one with your knowledge, which will again show how much thought you put into this.

#3: Not pre-shopping
It’s a known fact that men hate to shop. Take us to a car dealership, the local Sharper Image store or Best Buy, and chances are we’ll cruise along like kids in a candy store. But watch a guy in a supermarket wandering up and down the aisles looking for olives, or some hapless, dazed soul trying to find his way around a mall or department store. You get the idea! The problem is that there is no substitute for pre-shopping.

Once you’ve figured out what “she” would like, done your homework and learned all you ever wanted to know about jewelry; it is necessary to see what’s out there and who has the best selection for your needs. One big reason we built Jewelry.com is so you can browse through a wide assortment from many reputable retailers at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home (in your bathrobe, unshaven if you like!). Since you will have done your homework before pre-shopping, you’ll realize that it’s much easier when you know white gold from platinum and tanzanite from garnets!

#4: Not choosing the right retailer
Regardless of where dad bought mom’s engagement ring, a larger jeweler is often the best bet. They buy in volume, and so get better pricing. They have multiple locations, so even if you move, change jobs, etc., it’s no problem. They have a solid, clear return/refund policy. They have a complete quality control policy. Finally, they are established companies that are going to be there to serve you for the long haul..

#5: Not buying jewelry because it’s “too expensive”
Jewelry is the gift a man can never go wrong with. After all, it’s beautiful, valuable, romantic, lasting, versatile (the same piece can be appropriate for many different outfits and occasions), and the ultimate symbol of love.

One of the biggest mistakes is to think that you need to be Rockefeller to buy fine jewelry. Actually there is a wide variety of fine jewelry for $100-$200. That’s not to say you shouldn’t spend more for that “special something.” It’s just that as an educated consumer, you can decide what to get. You’ll know the different karatages of gold can have as much of an impact on price as the carat weight of a gemstone. You’ll know there are beautiful and very popular semi-precious stones that will please just as much as precious stones, and cost a lot less.

Flowers Aren’t Forever… If you follow these simple rules, your gift-giving experience will be greatly rewarding. It is a pleasure to see a loved one’s face light up when receiving that little box. It’s even better to see her face light up again 10 years from now when she remembers the trouble you went to (sure, let her believe it was a hassle…) to get that special something. After all, great things come in small packages.