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3 Jewelry Buying Tips For Men

Gentlemen, are you having trouble finding your special someone something she’ll absolutely love (Mother’s Day is right around the corner!)? We’re firm believers that jewelry always makes a great gift. Take a look at our three jewelry buying tips.


1) Ask For Help – If asking for help from one of her friends isn’t necessarily your cup of tea, then we have a better idea. Do some snooping (aka “gift researching”)! This is one time when snooping in her jewelry box is okay. Does she own a lot of rings or more necklaces? Does she like colorful gemstone jewelry or is classic black and white more her style? 

2) Educate Yourself – If you noticed she has a lot of gold jewelry while “gift researching,” learn a little more about gold jewelry so you can make an educated decision when purchasing. Maybe you want to spice up her jewelry box with some white gold or rose gold. Read about the different types of gold in our blog post “Shades of Gold.”

3) Splurge A Little – Splurging a little on jewelry is totally okay (and we encourage it!). Jewelry is something she can wear forever, and there are some great styles that you can buy for under $100. Check out our $99 Jewelry Sale for some pretty pieces all $99 and under.

For more jewelry tips, read our blog post “Jewelry Buying Mistakes Men Make When Buying Jewelry As A Gift.”

Shades of Gold

Let’s be honest, when it comes to both jewelry and clothing, gold will always be in style. Just take a look at the latest fall/winter 2015 runway trends during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) – gold had a presence! When it comes to gold, there are a number of different hues and types.

Yellow Gold – If you’re an easy-breezy, low-maintenance type of gal, then this is the gold for you. Yellow gold is the purest gold and requires the least amount of maintenance. For a brighter yellow color, look for 14K gold vs. 10K gold. For a deeper yellow color, look for 18K gold vs. 14K gold. Click here to shop for yellow gold.


White Gold – If you’re not into yellow gold, but still want something durable and of good quality, white gold is your best bet (and one of our favorites). It’s super stylish and differs from yellow gold only in its color. White gold contains a gold and nickel, palladium, or manganese alloy, that gives it that nice silver-type coloring. Click here to shop for white gold. 


Rose Gold – If you’re a trendy fashionista (we know you are!), then throw on some rose gold. Rose Gold gets its beautiful pinkish color through a silver, gold, and copper alloy. Click here to shop for rose gold.


Green Gold – Dare to be different with green gold. When you think of gold, we bet green gold doesn’t usually come to mind, but it’s out there and it’s pretty! The green gold alloy is a combination of silver, copper, zinc, and yellow gold.

What’s your favorite type of gold jewelry to wear?

To learn more about gold, check out our blog post The Many Colors of Gold.



Perk Up Your Fall/Winter Woe-drobe

Winter is well on its way, and if those cozy scarf, boot and sweater combos you’ve been rocking since September feel a little basic, well then we’ve got some jewelry-infused styling options for you! Perk up your work-to-weekend wardrobe with our short, sweet and chic style guide of jewelry classics guaranteed to update your everyday look.

1. Thoroughly Modernista

3Looks_blog_20141110_a (1)

If monochromes and neutrals are your fail-safe de rigueur, then try this winning combination (see above). Mix up your black-and-white basics with a matching necklace to add an edge of graphic intrigue – but without looking like a mangled Picasso. To soften up the severity of this graphic tableau, add a richly colored ring or bracelet and try pairing this with a matching bag or set of heels. In these cold weather months, sleek elegantly-draped vests or coats add polish to your look and make this as an evening appropriate option for any dressy afterwork occasions. Simply mad about the drops and necklace? Look no further than Zoccai 925. Handcrafted and streamlined in design, this Italian jewelry aficionado is renowned for their bold gemstones and flawless craftsmanship packed with a flirty/feminine intrigue. 

Grab the Look & Go By Clicking Below….

Jet Quartz Mesh Link Necklace http://j-com.us/zoccai925necklace

Amethyst Drop Earrings http://j-com.us/zoccai925drops

2. Jewel-Toned Jezebel


Got color? Donning yourself in dark tones can get depressing which is why jewel tones, like a deep dark teal or lush bordeaux, are an easy way to amp up your ensembles. Splash a bit of mocha into this mix with a boot or bag for a perfectly balanced finish. But don’t leave your house without some sparklers or a bangle for the complete look. Pastel and soft neutral-toned jewelry break up this saturated color scheme and are a sleek way to draw attention to your neckline. Love the bangles and drops? So do we! Cristina Sabatini is the name to take note of in this jewel-toned mix, known for her globe-trotting glamour and boldly colored aesthetic.

Grab the Look & Go By Clicking Below….

Cristina Sabatini Khaki Flourish Bangle Bracelet http://j-com.us/sabatinikhakibangle

Cristina Sabatini Peach Flourish Bangle Bracelet http://j-com.us/sabatinipeachbangle

Cristina Sabatini Energy Star Earrings http://j-com.us/sabatiniearrings

3. Vintage Diva

3Looks_blog_20141110_c (1)

Channel a bit of Old Hollywood glamor with this ultra sophisticated silhouette. Start off with a crisp pair of dark denim jeans. A skinny or body-skimming pair is great if you choose to wear a bulky fur or faux fur jacket or vest. Next, dressy flats keep your look casual while maintaining polish. A silky soft white, neutral or pastel top or even a sleek tee keep your look modern. A brooch and a pair of earrings or a cocktail ring are just as imperative as is the fur. Crystalline gems with pearls in white gold or sterling silver, like the set above, are a faultlessly elegant option to perfecting your inner Audrey. For vintage inspired that is always on point, we love Van Kempen (featured above) for its timeless craftsmanship and decorous design. 

Grab the Look & Go By Clicking Below….

Art Deco Pearl Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver http://j-com.us/vkdropsblog

Art Nouveau Pearl Flower Brooch http://j-com.us/vkbroochblog  

The Jewelry Insider

June 1, 2010

Expert Advice, Information and Shopping Tips on dazzling white gold rings. Find out all there is to know about sparkling white gold rings and find the perfect ring style for you or your loved one.

Down through the ages gold has been prized for its rich, yellow color, durability and the wealth that it brings. 24 Karat is pure yellow gold which is considered too soft for the art of jewelry making. In modern jewelry creations, when yellow gold is combined with certain metal alloys, it can be adapted to a range of colors, from white to red to even green. White gold is the product of yellow gold combined with a white metal, usually nickel or palladium. Today’s white gold rings are all the rage on the fashion catwalks including white gold rings for brides and grooms or the combination of white gold rings set with diamonds to create the ultra fashionable Diamond Right Hand Rings.

White gold rings are ideal for jewelry lovers who prefer the look of white metal but don’t want to sacrifice the properties that drew them to gold in the first place. A sleek diamond and white gold ring flashes with a burst of white hot fashion heat, especially with today’s evening wear ensembles of silky gowns and little black dresses.

Like gold jewelry of any color, white gold rings are sold according to their karat weight, or the percentage of pure gold it contains. In addition to changing its color, alloys make the gold stronger. Therefore, white gold rings are sold in 22-, 18-, 14- and 10-karat varieties; the higher the karat quality, the greater proportion of yellow gold the white gold rings will contain.

When nickel is the alloy in white gold rings, a plain simple white gold ring itself is hard and strong, and therefore ideal for resisting damage from active lifestyles or heavy manual work. This makes them ideal for men’s wear and men’s wedding rings. Gold-palladium alloys are soft, pliable and best suited for creating white gold rings with gemstone settings such as the ever-popular Diamond Right Hand Rings or diamond white gold rings for bridal engagements.

Palladium and nickel though do tend to give a slight brown tint to white gold rings. This requires a thin layer of rhodium to maintain the proper color of your white gold rings so today virtually all white gold rings are plated with rhodium.

Ring Around The Finger

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