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The Jewelry Insider

December 18, 2009

Jewelry lovers, it’s time again for one of those outrageous tidbits detailing the ridiculous use of our favorite substance on tech gadgets, phones and the like. Well, this little ditty might just take the cake.

A Liverpool man is designing three custom-made Nintendo Wii units he calls the Wii Supreme, made of 2500 grams of solid 22t gold and 78 flawless 0.25 carat diamonds. The pricetag? Approximately $500 grand, folks. For a glorified Play Station – or whatever the kids are calling it these days? Crikey.

Who on earth would buy such a prize? Rumor has it The Queen herself was gifted with a golden Wii (perfect for those lazy afternoon ‘virtual’ fox hunts?). But who else do you think would drop that kind of money to play Super Mario Brothers in such style?

Weigh in – and have a great weekend!

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It ain’t a golden Wii, but it’ll do….