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March 3, 2009

Single dad and The Bachelor star, Jason Mesnick, may have broken some hearts on the show’s finale yesterday, but he darn well gave America a night to remember.

So. To recap. Jason told wide-eyed scrapbook maker, Molly Malaney, to get lost, got on bended knee, and presented the hand-crafted Neil Lane marquise-cut whopper to the perky, kid-friendly, not-as-career-minded Melissa Rycroft. Tears were shed, unrealistic fairy-tale dreams came true, and the show ended with a celebratory jump in the New Zealand resort pool with Jason’s cloying plot device, I mean, adorable son in tow.

Cut to: the After The Rose recap show. It’s six weeks later. Jason has CHANGED HIS MIND! He disses poor perky Melissa in front of millions, she gives back the ring – and then the bloke sheepishly asks a stunned Molly for another shot.

For anyone who has been dumped, and dumped royally, watching this car crash was about as fun as a double root canal. But you can’t fault the guy for following his putrid little heart, I suppose. Crikey.

So on to more important matters. What do you guys think about a jilted Melissa giving the engagement ring back? And more importantly, do you think it is OK for Jason to give it to Molly, should they beat the odds and actually last more than a few weeks?

If we are to ignore what are probably reams of legal documents from the show’s producers detailing exactly who does own the ring – legally, the ring does not actually belong to Melissa. It was given to her under the auspices of a ‘contract of marriage’, and it is hers to keep only if said marriage takes place. And well, we all know that ain’t gonna happen.

At a $58,000 price tag, she would have forgotten about the debacle a LOT quicker if she could at least just cash in her diamond chips and buy, say, a new condo. But, alas.

But, she did the right thing in my book and gave the diamond back without any more drama. To whom exactly remains to be seen. To Jason? The show’s producers? But should Jason get on bended knee again, would Melissa want to be presented with the very same diamond he decided NOT to give her the first time around? What do you guys think?

So much diamond drama to discuss…

Part two of the After The Rose Ceremony airs tonight at 10pm. And, yeah, I’ll be watching. Root canals are the new Oscars.

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Comments (6)

  1. jsimms

    totally crazy, but i guess this is the kind of thing you sign up for when you try to get engaged on a reality show. i would’ve given the ring back, only because i wouldn’t want anything to remind me of the NATIONAL, TELEVISED embarrassment. oy.

  2. sroges

    He fell out of love in 6 weeks & decided to tell Melissa on national TV!? And then proceed to make-out with Molly!? All too contrived- smells like everyone was in on this, hence the most ‘dramatic’ and ‘historic’ bachelor yet. Hope Melissa got something for taking on the role of being nationaly humiliated, and makes me wonder, even moreso now, why her family truly did not want to appear on the show… did they know too!?

  3. Anonymous

    The question is: who is more screwed up, Jason or Melissa? Is Jason a player (conquered one babe and now onto the next)? Is Melissa just impossible to be with (the type that you just CAN’T BE AROUND because as you get to know the real them they drive you NUTS!). I love the crazies on reality TV. Makes the rest of us feel normal…at least for a little while.

  4. Anonymous

    Why did Melissa give the ring back? If she had to suffer the humiliation of being dumped like that – dear lordy – at least keep the diamond woman! She earned it!

  5. Jewelry Insider

    She DID earn that diamond! Although I bet she is glad to be rid of the whole mess… Recent reports say that Molly and Jason were seeing each other way before the big reveal on the show. Gotta love ‘reality’ television.

  6. Anonymous

    can someone post a link, or provide a site where I can see pics of the first ring shown to jason on the bachelor? My GF said ” She loved that one” and I want to see what it looked like.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated!

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