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October 27, 2009

We jewelry lovers usually pair our diamond fetishes with other decadent delights – say, designer jeans, overpriced shoes, and – of course- chocolate. And lots of it, right? Now, thanks to our friends at Hershey’s, jewelry hounds like ourselves have the perfect way to show the world what makes our hearts skip a collective beat.

From Carrie Bradshaw’s signature ‘Carrie’ necklace to Rachel Zoe’s panther ring, jewelry has always been used as a way to express our personalities to the world. That’s why I’m really digging this little kiss of a jewelry statement – what better way to say you like your life both shiny and delicious?

According to a National Jeweler interview with the Hershey Kiss manufacturer, World Trade Jewelers, more than 400 independent jewelers are carrying the Kiss jewelry line, in addition to a special collection that’s sold at Zales. Pricepoints range from the reasonable ($49 for simple sterling silver designs) to the royal ($10,000 for a more diamond-heavy Kiss).

Seal your style with a kiss at Dylan’s Candy Bar at 6:30pm tonight in Manhattan if you’re in the hood to check out their new designs, or shop here for some lip smacking styles on through our retail partner Zales.

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  1. sildenafil

    Beautiful I wish I could make a gift like that to my girlfriend, anyway like the beading gem said chocolat and diamonds who can resist ?!
    Thank you very much for sharing.

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