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August 11, 2008

Botox, collagen and rare earth facial masks are so 2007. Today’s taut and trimmed are obsessed with wrinkle busters that can be found in your jewelry box, not the hidden mud pods of the Amazon. Yup, the trendiest facelifts and facials today use gold and gemstones to wipe away those wrinkles. Confused? Here’s all you need to know:

Gold Thread Facelift:

The newest treatment on the market is the gold thread facelift. According to Trendhunter Magazine, “the patient remains awake as a 24 karat gold thread framework is sewn permanently under the surface of the skin. The only painkiller used is dozens of local anesthetic injections applied to the face.” Dozens? Ouch. The gold mesh stimulates the body’s own production of collagen, which in turn plumps up the skin naturally. The procedure costs approximately $4,000 and takes about three months to show results.

For those who want instant gratification (or if needles aren’t your thing), you can settle for a liquid gold facial. UMO, a Japanese beauty company, introduced a treatment that uses a sheet of pure gold on the face to improve fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure will set you back a more ‘reasonable’ $250.

Gemstone Facial Treatment

Acugems Facial Rejuve has another glittering solution for younger looking skin. Their therapy involves the use of gemstones, micro-currents and therapeutic light to re-educate facial muscles, encourage collagen production, smooth wrinkles and improve skin tone. The stones and color frequencies used depend on the individual consumer. They recommend 10 treatments for lasting results for a total cost of about $2500.

Micro currents and color frequencies? Seems a little flighty even for this jewelry hound. I say stick to the gemstones you can wear with a cocktail dress, get a big bottle of Cetaphil and call it a day.

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  1. Nancy Rochelle

    I heard of this treatment, it is being offered in Beverly Hills, has anybody experienced it?

    I have been hearing about gems having
    rejuvenation properties, I went on the website that developed this treatment, The Doctor states that Acugems Facial Rejuve connects the Heart to the face…?

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