Valentine’s Day Deals on JewelClub

Let the Valentine’s Day jewelry blitz begin! I’ll be highlighting deals you won’t want to miss (or tell your sig. other about) leading up to V-Day to help gift givers get hip to some serious fine jewelry steals.

My favortie sample sale site, JewelClub, just launched their latest promotion: 15% off a dozen of their most classic diamond styles. That’s 15% off WHOLESALE, jewelry hounds.

The studs pictured here are $50 bucks, folks. The earrings about $70. And I’m loving those vintage-y right hand ring styles – most are pricing out at $1,000 or more off the retail price.

(insert ‘lower jaw drop’ here)

How do you play? Easy. Click here to get to the discount ad. Enter the code: INSIDER when you login, and you’ll get access to an entire Friends and Family site that has great wholesale product in all fine jewelry categories. And they add new product all the time, so be sure to check back often.

So, fellas? Flowers and chocolates are fine and all, but why spend the bucks on a perishable when you can get a V-day gift that will last forever? And there’s free shipping with every order.

So that happened.

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  1. Jewelry Secrets

    $1,000 or more off the retail price??? Holy… I like the top left one, but it’s hard to see it well from the picture. Looks like filigree to me. Cute! Where’s the hearts?

  2. Jewelry Insider

    A Heart discount is coming next week – but if you search the site with the search term ‘hearts’ you can see their stash at the regular JC price (which is crazy low as it is). AND there is a member appreciation item on the homepage that is a created ruby heart pendant that’s really cool. Yes, the top right is my fav too. It’s 5/8th of a carat with white gold. Retail Value: $1,279.00
    JewelClub price is: $292.25 Hmmmm….

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