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February 14, 2009 (aka: my Sugar Momma) relaunched this week with a brand new look and a treasure chest full of thousands more glittering jewelry styles for your browsing pleasure. While I, of course, love to peruse their celebrity and fashion news, I’ve gotta say’s brand new search function is what I love the most.

Jewelry hounds (and the people who buy for us) now have complete control over the shopping experience with’s brand new search system. Your girlfriend likes frogs? Type in ‘frog’. You only want to spend $150? Narrow the search by clicking on a price range. She doesn’t like yellow gold? Narrow it further by specifying a metal color. See? Prince Charming to the rescue.

Or how about a pink cocktail ring to go with your little black dress? Type in ‘pink’, narrow the search to rings, and voila! It’s like Facebook – once you start browsing the hours go by like nanoseconds.

I found a few cool deals I thought I’d share with you to get you started:

We all know purple is the color of choice these days. How cute is this amethyst flower ring from JCPenney? And it’s only $69.99. Click on my amethyst ring search here to find that and 32 other sparkly ring styles in that price range.

Of course you can’t get through February without a hunkering for a diamond heart, right? features hundreds of heart styles – I think this black and white diamond version from JCPenney is totally chic. Check out these heart-stopping looks.

And finally, you gotta love this little Hello Kitty! V-day pendant from Zales. You’ll love this even more, though. If you become a member (it’s free) you can click on the ‘Member Savings’ link and a list of coupons and discounts magically appears (like free shipping, 10% off offers, etc.). So does all the coupon clipping for you – guaranteeing you the lowest price you can possibly get for the bauble. Bingo!
So get to browsing baublers! And if you have issues, comments, concerns – throw them my way. I know people.

Happy Early V-Day J-hounds!


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