Victoria’s Secret Is A Diamond Bombshell

Ah, Victoria. That pesky lingerie mass marketer whose ‘secret’ is to lure us into buying overpriced skivvies by parading around those insipid angels is at it again.

This time, they’re putting the impossibly beautiful Adriana Lima in their Bombshell Fantasy Bra – a cross-your-heart creation made out of 2,000 diamonds in a star-burst design. With a price tag of $3 million, it isn’t the most expensive Fantasy Bra in their coffers (Gisele Bundchen wore a $12.5 million cup holder a few years back), but it will certainly make heads turn and wallets burn.

Ms. Lima’s ‘ice chest’ will make its sparkling debut at the Victoria’s Secret 2011 Fashion Show, which airs November 30th on CBS.

One angel who will be noticeably absent this year is Heidi Klum, who ‘retired her wings’ with the company earlier this month.

One day you’re ‘in’? And the next? You’re free to eat again.


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  1. Rick the Wedding Ring Guy

    Diamonds look great in any style, design or orientation. Sure, there are glamorous diamond earring, necklaces and engagement rings, but the diamond studded bra is a sexy treat. Sure – you probably won’t see one of Jane Q. Public during happy hour down at the corner pub. But one can dream! Sexy and sparkly at the same time!

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