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March 17, 2009

Funny man, Vince Vaughn, might keep moviegoers in stitches, but he is all kinds of serious about his diamonds. The 38-year-old actor proposed to his Calgary realtor girlfriend, Kyla Weber, on Valentine’s Day, and the engagement ring made a glittering debut this weekend.

Vaughn was introduced to Weber in May by a mutual friend. Since then, the two have been inseparable.

The happy couple took the four-carat diamond stunner to the movies in Santa Monica over the weekend, and hovering paparazzi got a good look at the rock – which is worth a reported $125,000.

“It’s magnificent,” fellow realtor, Sylvia Smith, told, Sun Media. “It’s a great big diamond surrounded by other circular diamonds.”

No wedding date has been set but Weber, 29, recently relocated to L.A.

“They’re both very excited,” adds a source close to Vaughn. “He’s a simple, Midwestern, good guy and she’s very down-to-earth, which is exactly what Vince is all about.”

With Brad and Angelina dominating the Oscars, John Mayer bailing out yet again, and now Vince Vaughn’s pending nuptuals – you gotta think – this just isn’t Jennifer Aniston’s year.

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